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Read Excel 2007 file with Open XML - Identify blank cell

first post: ashokk wrote: Hi I am working on a .NET 4.0 console application. I am trying t...

Alternative: Open XML Package Editor Power Tool for VS 2010

first post: robertk wrote: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/450a00e3-5a7d-4776-be...


first post: ulfnil wrote: Hi, I´m rather new with Package Explorer. Great tool - but it...

How can I add a new worksheet part ?

first post: dotAge wrote: Right click the node "workbook.xml", click "add a new part ...", se...

latest post: Wouterv wrote: Ooopsiee! Getting it fixed!

custom XML visibility

first post: gedw99 wrote: Hey, The cusotm XML is not visible in clear text. It looks ...

latest post: Wouterv wrote: Hi G, known issue, the recognition of content type is bugging. ...

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